Solar Energy Is Great, But So Is Tree Canopy

The City of South Miami is trying to pass an ordinance that would require new homes to install solar panels.  I am all for solar energy and think if a house or business does not have tree cover and can install solar panels they should.  However, I think instead of mandating it, cities would be […]

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Restaurants Important In Driving Retail Traffic

  Food has always been important in retail centers; all you need to do is check out the food court at any major mall to see how much space is devoted to food.  Increasingly, more formal sit-down restaurants are what is needed to drive traffic to malls, strip centers, or downtowns.  Dadeland Mall added many dining […]

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Transportation Alternatives For Commuting in Miami

I moved here from the San Francisco Bay area over 25 years ago and am still amazed at the lack of public transportation options in Miami.  I have used Metrorail to get from my home in suburbia to downtown Miami and it is not as easy or user friendly as train systems in San Francisco, […]

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My Favorite Painting At PAMM

  This painting by Cuban artist Yoan Capote is mesmerizing and my iPhone photo does not due it justice.  It is extremely large and is the first object I saw when I walked in the room at PAMM where it was being exhibited.  I stared at it from a distance for quite a while, looking […]

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Miami Needs More Linear Waterfront Parks

Last weekend I flew to New York City for a quick weekend getaway and during my run along the Hudson River Park, I wondered why we don’t have more fabulous waterfront parks in Miami.  We are finally getting Bayfront Park cleaned up, but wouldn’t it be amazing to have waterfront access for runners, walkers, and […]

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What Do The Election Results Mean For Real Estate?

  The long election  is finally over and the question I am getting asked a lot is, “What does it all mean for the real estate market?”  A recent video put out by the National Association of Realtors sums up the election as follows: In Congress, not much has changed.  Republicans controlled the House and the Senate […]

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Top 3 Retail ‘Buy’ Markets Are In South Florida

Ten-X’s U.S. Retail Market Outlook listed the top five markets for investors to consider buying retail real estate.  Three out of those five were Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.  Robust employment and increasing population in all three cities are pushing the demand for retail space in all of their respective counties.

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3 Projects That Will Improve Miami

  A couple of days ago a wrote about what South Florida will look like in 2070 if we continue developing the way we are.  The state of Florida is growing by 1,000 people per day, making traffic unbearable and threatening our quality of life.  Luckily, there are many projects going on in South Florida […]

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Autonomous Vehicles Will Change The Urban Landscape

  Last week I attended the Realtors Commercial Alliance meeting Commercial Disrupters, Game Changers, and Market Makers and was fascinated by a presentation by John Dohm  on autonomous vehicles.  These cars are not in the far off future, they are already here and the big players including Google, Tesla, Apple, Audi and most of the car companies […]

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A Glimpse Of South Florida in 2070

              These two maps show what South Florida will look like if we continue developing the way we are (map on left) and if we build sustainably and conserve more open space and agricultural areas.  The Florida 2070 Report, prepared by 1000 Friends of Florida and the University of […]

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