Majority of Millennials Cite Cost of Living as a Concern

  Bank of America/USA Today Better Money Habits® Millennial Report, provides great insight into the financial concerns of the millennial generation.  As the mother of three millennials, ages 21-25, and a Realtor I am always interested in what reports say drive this group of young adults. Of great interest is the correlation between jobs and […]

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Starting and Ending Your Electric Service Just Got Easier

Congratulations!  You have purchased or rented your new home.  Now is a busy time with moving, forwarding mail, and starting utilities but  FPL has automated their connection and disconnection for electrical service to make connecting easier.  Properties that have been unoccupied might not have service when you move in, so be sure to get it […]

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Two Bedroom Rental At The Grande

Sorry, I had to remove the video because the unit rented in one day!

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Is Renting A Home Better Than Buying?

This question has been asked forever and most answers are it depends on how long you plan on living in a home and what your lifestyle is like.  If you plan on living in a home for more than 3 years – 5 years, experts say that it is probably more economical to buy.  Given […]

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Miami Real Estate: Rent vs Buy? That Is The Question…

During a Sunday get together, the rent vs buy question came up and a lively discussion ensued.  The individuals who were pro-renting argued that renting provided: cash flow/opportunity cost:  not having money tied up in a mortgage, taxes, and insurance, allowed more money for investing, travelling, miscellaneous purchases  flexibility:  if they wanted to move into different […]

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Is Renting a Temporary, Short Term Trend or Part of the New Normal?

Rents are tight in most markets and, due to the numbers of foreclosures, short sales, and number of people who have lost their jobs or have had their work  hours decreased, the trend is expected to continue at least for the short term.  However, Jim Woodard predicts this is a temporary trend. If you are a […]

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Rental Rates On The Rise

With the increasing popularity of living in walkable communities, rents are on the rise in areas such as downtown Brickell and Coral Gables.  The fact that there are so many new buildings with great amenities and upgraded finishes, such as granite counter tops and modern kitchens and baths, in these two areas have lead to […]

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Miami Real Estate – It May Be Cheaper To Buy Than To Rent

According to Trulia’s Q1 Rent vs Buy Index, Miami is #1 on the Top Ten Cities To Buy vs Rent table.  The reason I titled my post “ It May Be Cheaper To Buy Than To Rent”  instead of “It Is Cheaper To Buy Than To Rent” is because Trulia arrived at their conclusion by […]

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