Okay, so you are ready to sell your home.  Now what?  In a buyer’s market, pricing your property correctly is the most important factor.  However, even a well-price property needs to look it’s best to stand out from the competition.

De-Clutter:  You are going to have to pack to move anyway, so you might as well pack up anything you aren’t going to need for the next three – six months.  Concentrate on closets, cupboards, and include furniture and accessories that are making rooms look crowded or out-dated.  Get rid of plants that don’t look hardy, and replace them.  Put fresh flowers in the first room buyers will see.

Clean:  make sure to clean windows, appliances, dust off light-bulbs and lamp shades (remember the outdoor lights too), pressure clean walkways, walls, patios, pool decks etc., steam clean carpets.

Repair:  fix things that are broken or loose.  Every little thing makes an impression on a buyer and loose door knobs, closet doors that are off-track, burned out light bulbs,  dripping faucets or gurgling toilets give the impression that a home has not been maintained and is going to cost the buyers money to repair.  These items will come up in an inspection anyway, so repair them before you list the house.

Paint:  a little bit of paint can go a long way in making a house look fresh and updated.  Stick with a neutral color for the walls and reserve dark or trendy colors for accent walls or to highlight architectural features such as a niche, arched doorway, or fireplace.  Use an eggshell or satin finish for the walls.  It makes them easier to clean and light reflects off of them making spaces appear larger.  Use a semi -gloss off white, such as Navajo White or Antique White, on baseboards, crown-molding and door frames.  If you have an older front door, consider giving it an updated look with a glossy coat of paint that compliments the outside of your home.

Landscape:  I can’t emphasize enough the power of curb appeal.  I have had so many clients drive by a great house because they didn’t like how it looked on the outside.  Remember the saying, “You only have once to make a great first impression”.  The front landscape of your house is extremely important.  Cut back any dead branches, thin out overgrown plants, lay out fresh mulch, add some color near the front door or path either by planting in existing beds or using pots to accent the entrance way.  Continue through to your backyard.