6 Ways to Make Your Listing Stand Out in Today's Market

As you drive around town, you notice all of the colorful “For Sale” signs. You were contemplating a move because you found another house you really like that is in your price range but you are nervous about trying to sell in today’s market.

Here are some tips for making sure your house will be considered by prospective buyers:

  1. Contact a couple of Realtors and find out what they would do market your home.
  2. Make sure your home really sparkles. From the time the prospective buyer pulls up, your home is making an impression on the buyer. You want it to be a good one!
  3. Consider having your home professionally staged. The way you live in your home is not the same as how you market your home.
  4. No matter how great your home looks, if the price is not competitive for your area, you are not going to sell your home. You are dealing with educated buyers who have been bombarded by the news that inventory and foreclosure rates are high and prices are coming down. They are going to be wary of overpaying.
  5. Find out what the last couple of similar homes sold for in your neighborhood and price your home at or below those homes.
  6. No matter how tempting it may be and what you may have heard, avoid the urge to negotiate your Realtors commission. A good Realtor is going to have to do some major marketing to get your home to stand out above the others and attract buyers to it. Why would you want to cut their incentive to spend their money marketing your home?