Coral Gables

Coral Gables Commuter-Friendly Neighborhood

I wrote a blog the other day about walkable neighborhoods in Miami-Dade County and decided to blog about each neighborhood in more detail. The first neighborhood on my list was Coral Gables, also known as the City Beautiful.

The Gables, as it is known to most residents, stretches into south Miami-Dade County and runs parallel to trolley_s2.jpgthe village limits of Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay, so not all parts are convenient to walk to shops, restaurants, entertainment and work, if you happen to work in the Gables. However, using a combination of the City’s hybrid-electric trolley, which runs along Ponce de Leon between the Douglas Metro Rail station and 8th Street, Metro Rail and bus routes you can get to downtown Coral Gables, the University of Miami and downtown Miami from just about anywhere in the Gables using public transportation.

According to a study by the University of Florida about consumer confidence, gas prices are a big reason that consumer confidence has hit a 16-year low. Should you be considering a move, think about where most of your driving takes place (to and from work, children’s activities, pursuing hobbies and interests) and take this into consideration when you look at different neighborhoods and homes within them.

Do you live in an area of Coral Gables and walk or use public transportation? If so, please share your commuting experience.