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George’s in the Grove

I know it is kind of strange to spend a 5 de Mayo at George’s in the Grove, but am I glad we did!  It was very fitting because George himself has a wild and strange energy and the whole evening was a bit surreal.

The service and food were both  exquisite.  From the fun George’s Gazette, which contains the wine list and menu along with amusing reads, to the ambiance of the open restaurant itself, I left a fan.  Our party of four started out with several appetizers, one more amazing than the other:  yellow and red tomatoes, Burrata mozzarella, Prosciutto and basil vinaigrette; country pate; and a spectacular smoked Salmon tartare.  We should have stopped there because we ate everything, but the menu wouldn’t let us.  We went on to order 3-hour braised lamb shank with homemade black truffle mashed potatoes, steamed fresh mussels in garlic and white wine broth, center cut filet mignon, and a veal special.

georges-in-the-groveThe staff was amazing.  The place was packed, yes packed to overflowing on a Tuesday night; a mariachi band and some very inebriated followers came by a couple of times, singing loudly and passing around tequila; and we were demanding, wanting more of everything (champagne, food, wine, dessert), yet our waiter never flustered.  He even allowed us to move outside to a lounge area on the sidewalk, and timed our last wine, dessert, and coffee perfectly.  We never felt rushed.  I can’t wait to rush back!