Hello 2010, Good Riddance 2009.

Not all of 2009 was bad, though you couldn’t tell from most of the news stories.  As we ended 2009, we started to hear a little more upbeat news about the housing market (sales are up due to low prices), the national unemployment rate (appears to be steadying in most places, though not in Florida), consumer confidence is higher, the stock market is up, interest rates remain low, though are starting to creep up.  Most economists are saying the recession is ending and, even though the future remains a bit bumpy, the overall economy is improving.

So as we enter 2010, let’s remember lessons learned in 2009, especially about bubbles, following the herd, and biting off more than we can chew (personally, professionally and financially).  Most importantly remember priorities: health, family and friendships is what carry us through rough times and make the good times better.  I know that sounds sooo corny, but it is true ;-)!

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