Miami Real Estate – Selling Your Home? List It In January

Most agents will tell you that the best time to list your home for sale is in the late spring and early summer to take advantage of the “summer move”.  The summer tends to be the time when most families move as it does not disrupt school schedules.  This year, however, I would recommend that you list your house as soon as the new year sets in.  The extension and expansion of the First-Time Homebuyer’s tax credit as well as the inching up of interest rates is going to keep the market trudging along, but in order to qualify for the tax credit a property must be under contract by the end of April, 2010.

If your property is already on the market and you are not getting a lot of showings by the end of January, take another look at the market in your area and make sure your property is priced right.  You may also want to spruce up the exterior to create better curb appeal.

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