Home Improvement

Remodeling? Consider Changing Your Front Door

According to Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, the biggest return on investment was replacing the front door with a mid-range entry door.  Not only is it the least expensive out of the 33 projects included in the report, it also returns an average national return of 128 percent.

Other good remodeling projects that don’t cost a lot include:

  • Organizing kitchen cabinets, including rollout trays.
  • Add or replace tiles.
  • Add a breakfast bar.
  • If you don’t have granite in the kitchen, install granite tile.  It is a lot cheaper than a granite slab.
  • Update the bathroom by adding a new medicine cabinet, light fixtures, faucets and vanity.  If it has tile, scrape and regrout.
  • Recondition kitchen cabinets and put on new hardware.
  • Replace light fixtures in foyer, bathrooms, and kitchens.