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Pinecrest Pioneers Celebrate Birthdays at Pinecrest Gardens

Pinecrest Pioneers

Five Pinecrest Pioneers, Pinecrest residents that are 90 years young or over, celebrated their birthdays at a luncheon hosted by Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner and sponsored by Whole Foods.  The Pioneers shared their stories of when and why they moved to Pinecrest and what has kept them here for 3 decades or more.  Many of their reasons for moving here are the same reason more recent residents have made the move:

  • size of yards
  • friendly neighborhood great for raising children
  • the public schools.

Their memories of what has changed:

  • addition of traffic lights on 67 ave.
  • a large bean field with crop dusting planes
  • an airport/landing strip
  • a pony rink where children would ride

Lori, with Whole Foods Catering, provided a beautiful lunch and birthday cake as well as flowers and goody bags for the Pioneeers.