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Pinecrest Schools Participate in e-learning Pilot Program

With the assistance and support of Village of Pinecrest Mayor, Cindy Lerner, and Miami-Dade County Public School Board Member, Larry Feldman, two elementary schools in the Village of Pinecrest are participating in an e-technology pilot program.  The schools are using clickers, to engage students in learning and increase the tools teachers have to provide the students with up to the minute information, lesson plans and to make the classroom experience interactive.

When my kids were in middle school years ago, I remember the introduction of Smart Boards and being concerned that technology would take the place of text books.  The media specialist at Palmetto Middle School pointed out that Smart Boards and other forms of technology were important to keep the students engaged, since they were raised with technology and that was their method of learning.  After watching my son learn how to make fishing flies,  paint, and increase his lacrosse skills on-line, I have to admit that technology in classrooms is the way of the future.  Kudos to the Village of Pinecrest for recognizing this and moving forward.

clicker technology