Too Much Technology?

Real Estate and TechnologyYesterday was my tech meltdown day.  I am a people person, but I have been buying all of the latest gadgets to simplify my life.  I use my iPhone 4G for giving “live” walk-throughs of properties for my customers; an iPad to show comparable properties to buyers and sellers and make presentations on the fly; and a computer for e-mailing, blogging, preparing mailers and flyers etc.  Yesterday, my phone froze up completely and wouldn’t hold a charge and my e-mail was so full it would not let me send e-mails out and actually required my contacting tech support (of course it was after 6 pm).  So, for what I needed yesterday, all of my technology was useless.

After a brief freak-out on how dependent I have become on technology, I went back to the basics and printed out hard copies of the lease and sale and purchase contract I was preparing and hand-delivered them to my customers.  I really like what technology can do to help me make my job easier, but nothing beats the face-to-face meeting and conversations!