Florida Life

November Brings End Of …..

Hurricane Season – Yeah!  So far, Florida has made it through another hurricane season unscathed.  Hurricane season isn’t officially over until the end of the month, so we aren’t quite out of the woods yet, especially with Tomas swirling around out there.  At the end of the month, consider donating this year’s unused hurricane supplies to a local food bank.  With the unemployment rate still extremely high in South Florida, there are more people relying on community food banks for assistance.

Political Season – Believe it or not, I am especially excited about this year’s elections being over tomorrow.  I am a political fanatic, but found that the tone and candidates of these elections were especially awful.  I wasn’t inspired by any of the candidates for anything and was downright stumped by the fact that some of them have come so far.  Really, people.  What are we thinking?  Are we thinking?

Humidity and Hot Weather – Next weekend we are expecting a “cold” front.  Down into the 70’s during the day, 50’s at night.  Time to take out the jackets, boots, and turn on the fireplace.  Seriously.  I turn on the fireplace when it gets lower than 60.  Think I’ll go by s’mores supplies.