You Have An Executed Contract On Your Home! Now the Real Work Begins.

Before you start celebrating your executed contract, take a deep breath and realize you are only half way to the closing table.  You still have to get through inspections and, if the deal is based on financing, the appraisal. 

In order to make it through inspections, you may want to fix the little things you have been meaning to since you listed the house, such as the faucet that started dripping or the burned out light bulb.  These things sound minor, but they can add up in an inspection report.

If you did not have a list of all of the upgrades you have done to the house, make sure to make one now and give it to the appraiser.  In today’s market there are so many distressed properties, many of which are in poor condition, dragging down pricing, it can help to highlight your home’s main attributes, such as new appliances, roof, etc.  Even if your house is in great condition, do not be surprised if your home does not appraise.  Recent changes to the process have resulted in much more stringent appraisal standards.