Your Realtor Works Hard to Schedule Appointments: Please Be Punctual

Be Considerate, Be On Time

I know some of us Realtors make what we do seem so easy that a monkey can do it, but believe it or not we go to a lot of work just to arrange showings.  When you want to go see homes it takes coordinating various schedules (the listing agent, selling agent, and seller) in order to set up a time that is convenient for you, the buyer.  Today I went to show one of my listings.  The buyer’s agent had requested that I show it at 12:30 and we had confirmed she was on time at 11:30.  I got to the house a little early to turn on lights and make sure everything was in order so it would be shown in it’s best light.  By 12:50 the buyers still hadn’t arrived, so I called the agent.  There was no answer so I left a message saying that Iwas leaving.  I started turning off lights and locking up the house.  When I was walking out the door at 1:00, I got a call saying they were running late (Really?!) and could I wait until 1:30.  Since I had a home inspection down the street at 2, I told her I could but that I had to leave by 1:45.  They got to the house “on-time” and as the buyers were walking around the house, their agent was on the phone scrambling to salvage the rest of the showings.  When another agent responded that he would not wait for them, they were more than 45 minutes late for his showing, the buyers looked at their agent and said, “Well, I guess some people just aren’t interested in making money”.  Again, REALLY?!  Sitting around waiting for people has never made anybody any money….. and this was for a rental!