What Does La Peregrina Have To Do With San Jose Island, Panama?

The famous La Peregrina pearl necklace just sold for $11,842,500 during Christies The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor: The Legendary Jewels Evening Sale .  The evening sale was the most valuable jewelry sale in history and there are still four more days of the auction to go.  The sale of the necklace also set records;  one for an historic pearl and the other for a pearl jewel.

So what does this have to do with San Jose Island, Panama?  Well, in addition to the fact that the La Peregrina pearl was found off of the Pearl Islands, where San Jose Island is located,  Christies also has this island listed for sale.  It is 11,000 acres with a 5000 linear foot landing strip, boutique Hacienda Del Mar Hotel, water treatment facility, roads and over 57 beaches.  This island has tremendous development opportunities and existing infrastructure to help expedite development.

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