School’s Out For Summer! Now What? Part Two

Last week’s list of things to do in Miami in Summer focused on outdoor activities.  Today I will list indoor activities to keep yourself, children and out-of-town guests entertained during the hot, humid, and sometimes rainy, months of summer.

The Museum of Contemporary Art has a variety of exhibits and films throughout the summer.  They also have a free Teen Summer Studio for budding young artists, but you need to apply soon.  Classes start July 30.

The Cosford Cinema at UM with the exception of Quill: The Life Of A Guide Dog and Otter 501, most movies are geared to young adults and adults.

The Bass Museum of Art has a variety of summer camps, evening concerts, family days, and workshops for 7-12 year olds in addition to their regular art exhibits.

The Miami Children’s Museum has a Summer Games series of exhibits and events, the latter of which vary day by day.  Thanks to a venture with Target, the third Friday of every month is free from 3-9 pm.

The Miami-Dade Public Library has a variety of activities from reading competitions for all ages to story time for toddlers and activities for teens.

Visit the International Game Fish Association’s Museum they also offer summer camps for 7-13 year-olds.  If you are a Bank of America/Merrill Lynch customer, you can get in for free on the first full weekend of each month by showing a debit/credit card and your picture ID.

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