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Pubbelly Sushi On Miami Beach – Unique and Delicious!


I have been spending too much time South of 5th!  The area around Purdy Ave. is enjoying a mini restaurant boom.  I “found” Pubbelly Sushi today, even though it has been open for a while.  A friend and I were looking  for a place to have lunch within walking distance of Belle Isle.   He had suggested Pubbelly, the original restaurant next door, but they are closed for lunch.  Lucky me!  Very different sushi, but delicious.  We shared the Octopus Ceviche Roll, Rockshrimp Roll, and Yellowtail Roll and were pleasantly surprised by the nontraditional presentations and combinations.  Pubbelly’s menu is also not traditional for a sushi place as they have Tostones as appetizers and Pan Con Bistec on their limited sandwich menu.

Although I think I will skip those two items and focus on the sushi and sashimi, I will definitely be back.  There is an item on the Snacks menu that I just have to try!