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Happy Labor Day!

Rosie the Riveter

I know that Labor Day is a celebration of the American worker and the huge contribution labor makes to the prosperity and success of  our country.  I didn’t remember much from my history class about the history of Labor Day, so I looked it up.  Interesting, but then I came across Labor Day Drinks and spent way more time on that site.  Based on the number of reviews, I thought about trying the Bulleit Bourbon Lemonade.  I reconsidered because I figured any drink that has a misspelling as part of it’s  name should probably be avoided.  I thought the Baileys Shiver would be a good choice, since it is a gazillion degrees in Miami today.  I was going to add protein powder to offset the horrific number of fat and calories but then saw the Buchanan’s with Coconut Water.  Coconut water has become such a hot sports drink, it sounds like a good compromise….better yet, think I’ll just have a cold beer!'s Bulleit Bourbon Lemonade