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Miami Metrorail’s Link To Miami International: Great Addition, But Need Many More Routes

MBTA Rail Routes

Like most Floridians, I headed north for a portion of the summer.  I ended up spending some time with my brother in Pembroke, Massachusetts and traveling into Boston.  I love the public transportation system via the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, but found their method of paying for parking a bit old fashioned and not very practical.  The picture below is a large metal box with numbered slots in it.  You push your money into the slot and use a key to make sure the money is all the way in.  There are no machines to make change or take credit cards, so if you do not have the exact amount, you are out of luck.

Paying for Parking at MBTA

Other than that, the whole public transit system was extremely convenient and easy to use.  I look forward to the day when Metrorail has enough routes to make it a convenient mode of transportation throughout Miami-Dade County.  The new link to Miami International Airport is a great start, but we have got a way to go.  At least the way we pay for parking is better!

Miami Metrorail lines