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Which Is Better Transportation Mode: Rail or Express Toll Lanes on US 1?

Metrorail and US 1

The Village of Pinecrest is hosting a town hall meeting at Pinecrest Gardens to discuss the proposed MDX US 1 Express Toll Lane project.  Anyone who travels on US 1 (also known as Useless 1) from Miami to communities south, has experienced the frustrating traffic and knows that relief is needed.  As proposed, the current project would address traffic from Dadeland South to Florida City and would require overpasses the height of Metrorail be built at intersections along the route.  If the goal is to move traffic off of US 1, wouldn’t a much more progressive plan be to build the 21 mile South Link extension from Dadeland South to Florida City?

Several studies have shown that commute times and access to public transportation are important factors in the home buying process.  Millenials, individuals between the ages of 17 & 35,  especially have shown a preference for communities that rely less on cars for transportation.

I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for a long time and they have an amazing public transportation system.  Many who have moved from Boston, New York, the DC/Virginia area and Europe, often comment on the lack of public transportation.  Do you think Miami should try to move away from the car and expand on it’s public transportation system?