Florida Life

Home.Com’s 10 Top Holiday Cities Only Include One City In Florida: Orlando released their 10 Best Cities to spend the holidays and, not too surprising, only Orlando made the list for Florida and it came in at number 6.  The top city was New York, which I found ironic since so many New Yorkers are in Miami for the holidays!  Number 2 was Chicago, 3 San Antonio, 4 Washington DC, 5 Las Vegas, 7 Denver, 8 Baltimore, 9 New Orleans, and 10 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  The reason for the picks were because they were the most cheerful and festive.  Obviously it was not because of the weather.

Many Floridians love to leave Miami for the holidays since we don’t have a winter and it is hard to get into the “holiday spirit” when it is over 80 degrees and humid.  We are eagerly awaiting our cold front, expected to arrive on Saturday and drop temperatures from today’s 81 degrees down to a brisk 70, so we can whip out our jackets and boots.  On the other hand, many of the residents from the chilly cities on’s list want to spend their holidays in Miami.  It is so much easier to shovel sand than snow!