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Miami Exotic Auto Car Racing: Great Fun For Wannabe Race Car Drivers

There are many exotic, fun, and expensive cars in Miami.  Audi R 8, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, are all fairly common here.  If you do not own one and still want the heart pounding experience that driving one of these cars brings from the moment you hear the engine roar, consider the Miami Exotic Auto Car Racing experience at the Homestead Speedway.  You get to choose between the Audi R 8, Ferrari 430,  Lamborghini, or you can drive all three for the ultimate thrill.

My husband was skeptical when we gave him the gift certificate for Christmas, but was convinced it was the real deal when they hit 100 miles an hour in the Audi 4S during the “test” run with a driver showing him the course.

Makes for a great Father’s Day gift!