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Latest Real Estate Scam Hits E-Mail Accounts – Buyers Beware

As if the real estate market in South Florida doesn’t have enough going on with all of the new construction and tight inventory in high demand locations, there is now a new scam to watch out for. Hackers are using the hot real estate markets throughout the country and are targeting Realtors® and their client’s. They hack into a Realtor’s e-mail account, learn about transactions they are working on and then e-mail the client requesting a deposit be wired to an account. It all looks legitimate to the client, who wires the money to a fraudulent account.
To protect yourself:
• Always verify any request to transfer funds with your REALTOR® and closing agent, either a title company or attorney.
• Call using a number you have used before, NOT the number on the e-mail directing you to wire the deposit.
• Be on the lookout for responses to e-mails that you have not sent. This may be a sign that your e-mail account has been hacked.
• Be especially careful of e-mails from gmail and Hotmail accounts.
• Please share this information with any one you know who is currently buying or selling real estate