The Architecural Diversity of South Florida's Real Estate

Old Spanish

Old Spanish

One of the many things I enjoy about living in South Florida is it’s cultural diversity, but I never appreciated the architectural diversity until I started driving around taking pictures for this blog.  Thanks to George Merrick, we have the Old Spanish style that graces Coral Gables and is sprinkled throughout South Florida.  Our proximity to the Florida Keys resulted in Key West-style homes, though the ones in Miami-Dade County are significantly larger than the original Key West homes.  In downtown Miami we have amazingly modern skyscrapers such as the Espiritu Santo Plaza/Conrad Hotel building, Four Seasons, and the Jade.  Miami Beach, known for its Art Deco and Mimo architectural styles, also has modern, Miami-chic style homes, some of the most spectacular on  Dilido, Rivo Alto, Palm, Star, or one of the other islands.  What’s your architectural style?  No matter what it is you can probably find it in South Florida.

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  1. jenniferwollmann April 21st, 2010 at 2:30:49 pm

    It is on Alhambra, close to the intersection with Alcazar.

  2. Carlos April 20th, 2010 at 3:09:54 pm

    Dear Jennifer, could you tell me where in Coral Gable is this house located.

    regards, Carlos

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