Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate – Why the Big Secret?

CommercialIt is amazing to me that so many commercial real estate agents like to keep their listings a secret.  Instead of posting their listings on the MLS, or having their own commercial MLS if they want to keep it separate from residential real estate, they post their listings on their own sites.  If they do post them on a site, they post them under the “private” or  “premium” listing, which requires a monthly membership in order to view.

In this age of information, when everything is on the internet and the majority of people searching for anything start their search there, wouldn’t you want your commercial listing to get the most eyes possible?  The more eyes, the more likely you will get an offer.

I applaud the commercial realtors who use the most media possible to market their listings.  I post my listings everywhere, blog about them, put up signs, put them on Facebook and do everything else possible to get the most people to look at my listings.