Buying Investment Real Estate

Miami Real Estate: High Affordability + Low Prices = Buy

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal uses Miami as one example as to why 2011 may be the year to buy.

  • Affordability, which looks at how many months of income an average family would take to pay for a home, is at the lowest level in 35 years
  • Pricing is believed to be at or close to bottom
  • Investors are getting back in the market

The article does a good job of differentiating between buying a home and investing in real estate.  In terms of buying a home, Michael Larson, a real-estate analyst in Florida, is quoted, “Pricing is down so much in some markets that when you analyze renting versus owning it makes much more sense to own”.

If you are planning to buy for investment, the article returns to the old adage of “buy and hold”.  They recommend at least a 10-year hold plan for investment real estate or suggest investing in funds that have real estate in the mix if you want to make real estate a part of your portfolio.

Remember to see what the numbers are in the area you are planning to purchase.  While the affordability index was high in most areas, it is low in Washington D.C.