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New Condos Going Up Without Parking Garages

In today’s Miami Herald, there was an article about the new Centro Lofts that are going up in downtown Miami.  This building will not have a parking garage and will instead opt for a Car2Go, bike racks, and public transportation to get it’s residents around.  I moved from San Francisco and love the idea of not needing a car, but I am not sure Miami is quite ready for buildings without parking.  First of all, it is hard enough to park downtown without all of the residents that are moving down there and this will only work if residents don’t have cars, not if they have cars and just park them elsewhere.  The second thing is that it will work for people who work downtown or in an area with Metrorail service, but south Florida’s discombobulated public transportation system is not conducive for no car.  How would someone who works in Doral get there?  Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea, I am just asking do you think Miami is ready to go carless?


Centro rendering