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Still Doubt An Economic Recovery Is Taking Place In Miami?

There was so much good news about economic activity in the Miami Today, today that I had to share some of the ones that popped out at me.  In addition to the one about all of the economic growth numbers from November (see tomorrow’s post), the following things jumped out at me as a good sign that Miami, despite the economic downturn, has continued pursuing projects that focus on long term growth

I point all this out because it is easy to focus on the negatives of unemployment, short sales, and foreclosures, all of which are very real and very painful.  The fact that companies are investing here, tourists are visiting, inventories are getting absorbed, and developers are getting ready to start building again, all tell me that we are bouncing along the bottom, but the end is in sight.  Since unemployment is a lagging indicator, it will be one of the last economic indicators to pick up.  All of the items listed above will help the unemployment rate, which in turn will further help stabilize our battered housing market.