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My Favorite Painting At PAMM

Island (See-escape) 2010


This painting by Cuban artist Yoan Capote is mesmerizing and my iPhone photo does not due it justice.  It is extremely large and is the first object I saw when I walked in the room at PAMM where it was being exhibited.  I stared at it from a distance for quite a while, looking at the details of the waves, and relaxing with the color of the sky.  A friend and I approached to get a closer look and agreed that it was our favorite piece in the current exhibit.  We strolled around the rest of the room and the one next door and then came back to this one for a second look.  This time, I approached it from the side and was dumbfounded.

Island – Oil, nails & fishhooks on jute mounted on canvas…

The “painting” is mainly fishhooks!  Genius…also a great reminder that things aren’t always as they appear.  By far one of my favorite works of art.