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Why Amendment 2 Matters To YOU!

Amendment 2 Is For Everybody photo credit: Brian Sharpe- Sharpe Properties

Although this year’s elections aren’t until November and every one is pretty tired of politics, I have to take this opportunity before all of the other campaigning starts to talk about Amendment 2 and why it matters to you.

Amendment 2 is not a tax cut, it would make a current 10% cap on non-homesteaded property tax increases permanent.  If Amendment 2 does not pass in November, the current cap will expire and property owners may see their taxes increase significantly.  If you own commercial or non-homesteaded residential property, such as an investment property or second home, I think you can see how this would affect you.  Even if you don’t own any property, significant tax increases on property will affect you.  How?  Your rent and the costs of goods and services may go up significantly.

First approved by voters in 2008 as part of the Save Our Homes portability constitutional amendment, the 10% cap on non-homesteaded properties was a non-partisan issue in the Florida Legislature last year.  In order to get Amendment 2 got on 2018’s ballot, the Florida Senate passed it unanimously and the House passed it with 97% voting for it.  As the Amendment tag line states:  “Amendment 2 is for Everybody”.

Now that you know why Amendment 2 matters to you, please help get the word out to your neighbors, tenants, friends, business associates, and every Florida resident you know.  Need more information or material to share?  Check out