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Happy National Mango Day!

Mango, Mango, Mango

Mangos, delicious as they are or mixed in drinks, salsas, breads, desserts, or just about anything else you can dream up, are also extremely healthy.  Driving around the Villages of Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay, you will see mango stands manned by hot, summering students eager to earn extra money or unmanned stands that work on the trust system with a money box.  Once you purchase your mangos, stop by Pinecrest Wayside Market for a mango milkshake.  Enjoy the season while it lasts, it will be over way too soon!


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Thank You For Being Late Is A Must Read



I just finished reading Thank You For Being Late by Thomas L. Friedman and think it is a must read for every politician, business leader, employee, employer…basically every one who needs to understand what is going on in the world today.  A timely read, it definitely is not a book to speed read through.  I found myself taking time to reflect on what the author was saying, how it applies to me, my family, my job, my community, my state, my country, and then extrapolate that out to other countries and the world in general.

Although he explores complex and interlacing issues that are accelerating at a dizzying pace due to Moore’s law, he also offers insight, both his own and others’, about how these issues can be addressed.  He acknowledges it won’t be easy, but a lot of the solutions boil down to trust, trees, community, dining room tables and chickens. Yes, chickens.

There were many quotable thoughts in his book, but some of my favorites, especially because of my long real estate career, recent conversations I have had with my husband about moving, and the fact that I live in Florida where hurricanes are a fact of life, several in the latter part of the book really hit home:

“I hope that it is clear by now that every day going forward we are going to be asked to dance in a hurricane….”

“…when people feel protected, respected and connected in a healthy community, it generates enormous trust.”

“When there is trust in a room, people are more inclined to collaborate and experiment – to open themselves up to others, to new ideas and to novel approaches – and to extending the Golden Rule.”

                 ” …the more the world demands that we branch out, the more we each need to be anchored in a topsoil of trust that is the foundation of all healthy communities.”

I have traveled extensively and moved frequently, but settled down in the Village of Pinecrest once my husband and I started raising our family.  In his chapters about Minnesota, I found a lot or similarities with South Florida.  Once you read the book, or if you already have, I would like to hear your thoughts.  Happy reading!




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Transportation Alternatives For Commuting in Miami

I moved here from the San Francisco Bay area over 25 years ago and am still amazed at the lack of public transportation options in Miami.  I have used Metrorail to get from my home in suburbia to downtown Miami and it is not as easy or user friendly as train systems in San Francisco, New York City, or Washington D.C.  plus, it is an extremely limited route.  I know the SMART plan is supposed to address a lot of the busiest corridors, but implementation of any of those alternatives are most likely several years away, and I think the Brightline will help a lot with the traffic on I-95 for traffic heading to or coming from the north.

Another option would be to encourage drivers commuting from Key Biscayne, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, and other areas with water access to boat to work.  Since there isn’t enough marina space for boating commuters and we don’t have a ferry service, maybe by offering incentives to use services such as Water Taxi Miami in addition to ride share services, we could cut down on the number of cars clogging our roadways and decreasing productivity.  The idea of commuting to the office in a scene like the one pictured above, sure beats sitting on I-95, 195, 395 or the Rickenbacker Causeway!





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My Favorite Painting At PAMM

Island (See-escape) 2010


This painting by Cuban artist Yoan Capote is mesmerizing and my iPhone photo does not due it justice.  It is extremely large and is the first object I saw when I walked in the room at PAMM where it was being exhibited.  I stared at it from a distance for quite a while, looking at the details of the waves, and relaxing with the color of the sky.  A friend and I approached to get a closer look and agreed that it was our favorite piece in the current exhibit.  We strolled around the rest of the room and the one next door and then came back to this one for a second look.  This time, I approached it from the side and was dumbfounded.

Island – Oil, nails & fishhooks on jute mounted on canvas…

The “painting” is mainly fishhooks!  Genius…also a great reminder that things aren’t always as they appear.  By far one of my favorite works of art.

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Miami Needs More Linear Waterfront Parks

Runners, walkers and bikers share the path along the Hudson River
Waterfront eating along the Hudson River Park, NYC

Last weekend I flew to New York City for a quick weekend getaway and during my run along the Hudson River Park, I wondered why we don’t have more fabulous waterfront parks in Miami.  We are finally getting Bayfront Park cleaned up, but wouldn’t it be amazing to have waterfront access for runners, walkers, and bikers that weaves from Bayfront to the Miami River and then connected to the soon-to-be-built Underline and the path to Key Biscayne?

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3 Projects That Will Improve Miami


Proposed Hammock Trail
Proposed Hammock Trail

A couple of days ago a wrote about what South Florida will look like in 2070 if we continue developing the way we are.  The state of Florida is growing by 1,000 people per day, making traffic unbearable and threatening our quality of life.  Luckily, there are many projects going on in South Florida that will improve our community and increase property values around them.  Three of them include:

  1. The Miami Underline
  2. The Ludlam Trail
  3. Brightline

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Autonomous Vehicles Will Change The Urban Landscape


Tesla Model 3 – Estimated Delivery 2018

The technology is coming so rapidly that Florida and 12 other states have already enacted legislation to address autonomous vehicles.  So how will having autonomous vehicles change the urban landscape?

  1. It will change parking requirements allowing for more density, wider sidewalks, and rely on drop off lanes
  2. Make traffic move more efficiently
  3. Increase focus on pedestrians and bikers

Urban planners and developers can start getting creative on how to use space that used to be reserved for parking.  That space can now become parks, community centers, or anything else that adds value to a neighborhood’s aesthetic.  This fact alone, makes the possibilities of what can be overcome my hesitancy over the thought of hundreds of driverless vehicles cruising the streets and highways.  On the other hand, Florida has never been ranked high in the “good driver” column, so maybe autonomous vehicles are the solution!

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A Glimpse Of South Florida in 2070

florida-2070-south-2070-trend-web florida-2070-south-2070-alternative-web








These two maps show what South Florida will look like if we continue developing the way we are (map on left) and if we build sustainably and conserve more open space and agricultural areas.  The Florida 2070 Report, prepared by 1000 Friends of Florida and the University of Florida’s Geo Plan center, came up with several recommendations on how to develop our state that accommodates our population growth, estimated to be 33.7 million by 2070, while preserving the resources that make Florida such a wonderful place to live and work.





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Another Reason I Love South Florida: Easy Access to Other Countries

Christie's Office Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica
Christie’s Office Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

I love the fact that South Florida has three great airports, making it easy to travel anywhere in the world for business and pleasure.  MIA in Miami and FLL in Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale have flights at affordable prices, especially if you use the Hopper app.  My most recent trip took me to Liberia, Costa Rica where I visited with family while checking our local Christie’s affiliate on Flamingo Beach, in Guanacaste.

Costa Rica’s real estate market, like Florida’s, is very hot right now.  Construction cranes are visible on the point of Flamingo and it seems like just about everything from vacant land, commercial properties, condos, and single family homes are on sale.

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Thank You Local Merchants For Making 2015 Holiday Season Stress-free!

Sailboat sunsetI am blessed to live in Miami, but it inevitably means lots of entertaining friends and family from out of town over the holidays.  I had people arrive 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and the last of them leave back to colder climates tomorrow.  This year, I decided to go way out of my comfort zone, not cook, and cater all except for Thanksgiving.

I would like to thank the following local merchants for making this Christmas and New Years stress free!

First, a huge thank you to Bikram Hot Yoga 305 for helping me heal after a back injury and keeping me healthy and relaxed during the holidays.

hot yoga 305

To Malanga Cafe for providing a delicious pernil, yuca, plantain, and rice and bean dinner for Christmas Eve.  It was my easiest Christmas ever and wave reviews.  P.S fed way more than the 18-20 people the menu advertised.

malanga pernil

And finally, to the Bottega La Dolce Vita for the most delicious beef lasagna, cannelloni and meatballs for New Years Eve!  The food was amazing!

bottegaladolcevita lasagna