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10 Things To Do In Miami In October

I love October in South Florida.  Not only does the weather start to tease with occasional cooler, drier temperatures, but it is the official start of our art season.  Although we now have cultural activities year-round with our monthly art walks, museum exhibits, and great musical programming at the Arsht Center and venues throughout South Florida, we really kick into high gear in October.  Here is a list of some venues to try in October:

  1. Soundscape movies every Wednesday starting in October through December 18 at the New World Symphony (free)
  2. Wallcasts October 5 & 25 at the New World Symphony (free)
  3. Sounds At Fairchild October 6, 13, & 20 at Fairchild Tropical Garden
  4. Barnacle Under Moonlight Concert October 11
  5. Diavolo’s Transit Space Dance October 12 & 13 South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center
  6. Ruthless, the musical October 18, Actor’s Playhouse
  7. Artists At Vizcaya October 19 at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
  8. Wine on Harvest Moon October 19 at the Deering Estate
  9. Jazz at Pinecrest Gardens October 26
  10. New World School of the Arts Repertory Dance Ensemble October 30 at the Aventura Art and Cultural Center

In case you have a free day in October with this calendar,remember most of our museums have free days every month.

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Properties Close To Public Transportation Popular During and After The Recession

Brickell Trolley

Brickell Trolley

Properties that were in communities near public transportation with frequent routes did 42% better in maintaining their value than those that were not near public transportation.  As real estate sales in Miami continue to rise, neighborhoods near public transportation are some of the areas with the tightest inventories.

Many communities, such as Brickell and Coral Gables, have added trolleys and many suburban communities, such as Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay, have added People Movers.

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Tomorrow is Fee-Free P.L.A.Y Day At Deering Estate

Looking for something to do with the family this weekend?  Start out tomorrow with a fee-free P.L.A.Y  Saturday at Deering Estate in Palmetto Bay.  P.L.A.Y stands for Preservation, Learning, Adventure, Year-Round and the day incorporates all of these in a beautiful, bay-front setting.

View from the Deering Estate

View from the Deering Estate

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Bike 305 Aims To Form An Interconnected System of Greenways, Bike Lanes and Trails

I recently visited Ecuador and enjoyed running on the Chiquinan Trail, a 20 km bike and running trail converted from an old railway trail.

Chaquinan Trail

Chaquinan Trail

While I was running, I thought it would be great if Miami-Dade had something similar.  I was thrilled to find out it does, though most of it is still in the making.  It is called Bike 305 and so far 130 miles, out of the 5o0 planned, have been completed.  The current routes include Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay.  I have run along several of the routes, without even knowing it was part of a grander plan to interconnect greenways, bike lanes, and trails.  I look forward to running more portions of the route as they come on line!

Bike 305

Which Is Better Transportation Mode: Rail or Express Toll Lanes on US 1?

Metrorail and US 1

The Village of Pinecrest is hosting a town hall meeting at Pinecrest Gardens to discuss the proposed MDX US 1 Express Toll Lane project.  Anyone who travels on US 1 (also known as Useless 1) from Miami to communities south, has experienced the frustrating traffic and knows that relief is needed.  As proposed, the current project would address traffic from Dadeland South to Florida City and would require overpasses the height of Metrorail be built at intersections along the route.  If the goal is to move traffic off of US 1, wouldn’t a much more progressive plan be to build the 21 mile South Link extension from Dadeland South to Florida City?

Several studies have shown that commute times and access to public transportation are important factors in the home buying process.  Millenials, individuals between the ages of 17 & 35,  especially have shown a preference for communities that rely less on cars for transportation.

I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for a long time and they have an amazing public transportation system.  Many who have moved from Boston, New York, the DC/Virginia area and Europe, often comment on the lack of public transportation.  Do you think Miami should try to move away from the car and expand on it’s public transportation system?

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Green Corridor Extends From Cutler Bay to Miami Shores

Ygrene Energy Fund

A green corridor comprised of Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, South Miami, Coral Gables, Miami and Miami Shores has been formed to assist in financing energy related improvements to property.  Formaly named The Property Assessed Clean Energy District (PACE), this new corridor will enable businesses and residents to finance energy related improvements to their properties through a special assessment on their property.  This program is strictly voluntary and provides a list of contractors as well as energy efficiency assessments.   If you can save money on your electric bill, would you take advantage of this program?


Tomorrow Is Fee-Free Day At Deering Estate

If you have never been to the Deering Estate, or if it has been a while since your last visit, take advantage of tomorrow’s free admittance to get acquainted or re-acquainted with this beautiful historic estate.   Enjoy a variety of activities and programs, stroll through the house and grounds, and visit the Artist Village and see their works of art in progress.  As you leave the Deering Estate, stroll down to the people’s dock and enjoy the wildlife.

Deering Estate Taken From People's Dock

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Pinecrest Recognized As A 2012 Playful City By KaBoom

KaBoom, a national non-profit whose “mission is to create great playspaces through the participation and leadership of communities”, will be awarding Pinecrest its Playful City USA Recognition at the Village Council’s June 12 meeting.

Other cities in Miami-Dade County that were recognized include Coral Gables, Palmetto Bay, Doral and Miami Lakes.  KaBoom’s recognition makes these cities eligible for grants that will support parks and recreation areas.  The more parks we have in South Florida the better!  Congratulations to all cities who made Kaboom’s 2012 List of Playful Cities.

Make sure to visit the parks in these cities over the summer.


Best Open House I Saw Today

Today I toured homes for sale in a variety of price ranges in Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay.  This 4 bedroom 3.5 bath pool home at 6822 SW 144 Terrace gets my “Best Open” vote for today.

It is on a quiet street in Palmetto Bay and the clean lines and tastefully, understated decorating throughout the house made it a pleasure to view.  The kitchen and family room, separated by the wet bar below, were my favorite aspects of the house.

It is listed by Ashley Cusack with EWM’s Coral Gables office.


MDX Considering Express Lanes on US 1 from Datran to Florida City

Yesterday I attended a Tier 1 workshop put on by MDX to explain the US 1 express lane project development and environment study.  Considering how large this proposed project is and how many residents and businesses it will have an effect on if it goes through, there were not a lot of people in attendance.

Based on the current study, the express lanes will have potential overpasses at each intersection on the busway where there is currently a traffic light.  The maximum height of these overpasses will be 24-25 feet high, which is the height of the Metrorail track.

The impact on the abutting neighborhoods of having this expressway will be significant.  While trying to ease congestion on US 1 and decrease travel times from the southern end of the county to the Metrorail stations are laudable goals, as currently conceived, I think the project is going to create havoc on the neighboring communities and create more traffic, not less, along the corridor.  Having an extra 2-3 lanes of “express” cars exiting at the end point will create a logjam.  Add to that the plans to link the expressway to the Turnpike and the Palmetto and you get the picture.

This project will have a significant impact on the surrounding neighborhoods as well, with the potential to affect property values, mostly downward in my opinion.

If the whole goal is to get people out of their cars and onto Metrorail, wouldn’t it be a smarter use of taxpayer dollars to build Metrorail down to the southern part of the county as originally proposed.  If they add express buses to the bus lanes, that could also help.

If you live in any of the neighborhoods that abut the busway, please contact Tere Garcia, Public Information Officer at MDX.  Her number is 786-277-9292.

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