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Something’s Gotta Give

Do you commute to the city but live in the suburbs? Light traffic day in Miami

Remember the movie Something’s Gotta Give starring Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves?  Well this is nothing about that movie other than I thought of the title today while out on my morning run.  It does have to do with Labor Day, however.

Although I normally run shorter routes during weekdays, I decided I would go on one of my longer routes along Old Cutler Road.  What a mistake that was!  In addition to being extremely dark at 5:45 a.m., the traffic was horrific!  I couldn’t cross the street anywhere there wasn’t a traffic light, which I am sure made all of the commuters extremely unhappy.  For the longer part of my run, I thought about where those commuters lived versus where they worked, what they were sacrificing, if anything, having to get up so early to get to work, do they have another choice other than sitting in traffic at the crack of dawn?  So what do all of these questions have to do with real estate?  A lot, I think.

Quality of Life was the first thing that came to mind during my musings.  What quality of life do the commuters have?  I know several people with long commutes, including my husband.  We live in Pinecrest but he commutes to Port Everglades.  We have considered moving, but love our neighborhood and he says he would rather commute and love where he lives than have a shorter commute and not like where he lives, but the truth is traffic is getting worse, his commute times are getting longer, and he has already been doing this commute a long time.  Something’s Gotta Give.

Large lots, great schools, and plenty of parks are just a few of the perks of living in Pinecrest

Popularity of Live, Work, Play Communities – Places like Aventura, Downtown Miami/Brickell, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, Downtown Dadeland, have all been growing because people want to be able to minimize their time in traffic.  Savvy developers, urban planners, and city officials, have been building condos and mixed use developments to meet the wants of a commuter weary public.  The negative side of this development and the demand, is that prices in most of these areas have gone up so rapidly, that they are no longer affordable and residents of Miami-Dade County pay more than (**(% in housing.  Teachers, firefighters, police and many service providers were probably sitting in that traffic.  One of my friends is a teacher.  She lives in Palmetto Bay, but commutes to her job at Beach High?  Would she take a teaching job closer to home if she could get one?  Does MDCPS consider an employees commute time/contribution to traffic, when they assign that employee to a school?  A vibrant community needs to include affordable housing options or offer wages to compensate.  Something’s Gotta Give.

Coconut Grove is a Live, Work, Play community

Other topics that I thought about include the importance of having transportation and work options close to home as well as affordability, taxes, and mixed use neighborhoods, not just buildings.  But those are all topics for other blogs.

Do you have a horrible commune?  Do you have public transportation options?  If you did, would you use them?  Would you live closer to your job if it was affordable?  Would you like to work closer to where you live if you could find a job?  If you feel like sharing your answers, please do.  If not, at least give the questions some thought and think about what your quality of life is versus what it could be if you didn’t have to spend so much time commuting.


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Buying Or Selling A Home In Pinecrest?

If you are buying or selling a home in Pinecrest, why would you use anyone other than the #1 brokerage in Pinecrest?  I am a Realtor with EWM and a Pinecrest resident.  I have lived here for over 27 years and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  Want to learn more about this wonderful neighborhood?  I would be happy to meet with you and tell you all about it.

EWM Realty International’s #1 ranking is based on total sales transactions and total dollar volume sales. Data was supplied by the Miami Association of Realtors, The Greater Fort Lauderdale Association of Realtors, and the Southeast Florida Regional MLS for single-family homes and condos sold within the Village of Pinecrest for the period beginning 1/1/2018 and ending 6/30/2018.


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What Do The Election Results Mean For Real Estate?



The long election  is finally over and the question I am getting asked a lot is, “What does it all mean for the real estate market?”  A recent video put out by the National Association of Realtors sums up the election as follows:

  • In Congress, not much has changed.  Republicans controlled the House and the Senate before the election and they control the House and the Senate after the election.  This will help NAR moving forward on flood insurance, tax reform, and the re-invention of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, since Realtors® had been working on these issues with the previous Congress, thereby providing continuity.
  • Flood Insurance:  The National Flood Insurance Program is $24 Billion in debt, which needs to be addressed.  States vary on the importance they give this program and how flood insurance should be covered.  Nevada has a different view than New Orleans and Florida and NAR is active in trying to negotiate a solution so that insurance is available and real estate transactions can continue taking place.
  • Tax Reform:  The mortgage interest deduction, property tax deduction, capital gains exemption and 1031 Like Kind Exchanges are all under consideration for reform.  No bills have been filed yet, but there are different proposals that have been floated by a variety of legislators.
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac:  Their future is totally up in the air and NAR will keep an eye on any new proposals that are put forth.
  • Dodd Frank and the Consumer Protection Bureau:  These will be revisited.  Under Dodd Frank, regulations that affect smaller banks will probably be relaxed.  Since approximately half of current mortgage lending is being done by non-bank banks (on-line lenders), regulations may start addressing them.  Overall, the view is that federal regulations will be loosened and state and local regulations will increase.

Another topic that will be looked at is refinancing student loans, which would help get young people with a lot of student debt into mortgages and homeownership.  This is obviously a national overview.  I will go into more detail as to what the elections mean for us locally and for commercial real estate in future blogs.  Stay tuned!


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Pinecrest Real Estate Market Year-End Summary For 2014

Now that we are in the second week of 2015, almost all of the Pinecrest real estate sales for 2014 have been recorded in the MLS.  There were 246 closed sales reported with a high sales price of $5.5 million for a stunning 12,000 square foot home on 60 Avenue, listed and sold by One Sotheby’s Saddy Delgado.  Though slightly down from 2013’s level of 253 closed sales, 2014 was a great year to be a seller in Pinecrest!  Almost 39 percent of the homes sold this year were cash sales compared to 30.4 percent of 2013’s sales.

Highest 2014 Sales Price In Pinecrest

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12085 SW 65 Ave Is An Updated Entertainer’s Dream In Pinecrest

DSC_1174_5_6EnhancerThis tastefully updated 4 bedroom/4 bath home is an entertainer’s dream.  It has an extra office/den, a huge family room with a wetbar, a basketball court, an oversized swimming pool surrounded by a covered patio with remote-controlled screens, and sliding doors that open from all of the living areas directly onto the patio.  The extra large kitchen features two seating areas, a large breakfast/snack bar and an island, double ovens, a warmer, and granite counter tops.  This home is move-in ready.

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5995 SW 91 Street Located in North Pinecrest On Deep Builder’s Acre

5995 SW 91 St., Pinecrest, FL
5995 SW 91 St., Pinecrest, FL

Situated in the front portion of a deep, corner lot in Pinecrest, Florida, 5995 SW 91 Street is a 4 bedroom 3 and a half bath home with plenty of space both inside and out. The rooms are spacious and the pool and back yard are absolutely gorgeous for spending afternoons and weekends. Take a look at this virtual tour and imagine yourself home!

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How’s The Pinecrest Real Estate Market?

6301 SW 110 St - Sold For $1.98 million
6301 SW 110 St – Sold For $1.98 million

I usually save my market updates until the end of the quarter, but with so much activity going on I figured I should write a quick snapshot in case you are thinking of buying or selling a home in the next couple of months.

Since January first of this year, there have been 58 new listings of single family homes for sale in Pinecrest. Out of those new listings, 13 are already under contract, two are short sales and one is a foreclosure. A total of 17 homes have gone under contract since January first and there has been one closing, which is pictured above. The majority of the pending sales were for homes under $1,000,000. Six of them are short sales and one is a foreclosure.

If you are thinking of selling, now is the time. There are buyers out there looking and if your property is priced right, it will go under contract quickly. If you are a buyer who has been looking for a while, don’t hesitate in making a solid offer when you see the house you like.

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Florida Foreclosure Starts Down 18.02% Month-To-Month

Realty Trac’s November Foreclosure Market Report shows that foreclosure start in Florida dropped 18.02% from the previous month and a whopping 45.9% drop year-over-year; completions were down 2.72% month-to-month and 15.59% from previous year; and overall foreclosure activity was down 15% and 23% respectively.

These decreases show that the foreclosure crisis is almost over, but the Florida still leads the nation in foreclosures, with one in every 392 homes getting a foreclosure filing and Miami is one of the highest cities with foreclosures in Florida.  There are currently 617 Miami-Dade foreclosed homes listed on the MLS.

Pinecrest Foreclosure Listed by Avatar Real Estate Services
Pinecrest Foreclosure Listed by Avatar Real Estate Services

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Not Going To The Dolphins Game Or Holiday Shopping? Check Out These Pinecrest Open Houses

Okay, it is another beautiful, hot, Miami day in December with lots going on.  If you are not busy and are looking for a new home for 2014, take a look at some of these open houses in the Village of Pinecrest.

One of my favorites, is the house pictured below.  It is a 1926 Old Spanish style home on a lushly landscaped corner lot.  It is also one of the few homes in Pinecrest with a separate guest house.


Listed by EWM Realty International
Listed by EWM Realty International

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EWM Coral Gables Posts $24,651,375 Thanksgiving Week!

North Pinecrest Home Listed for $4,900,000
North Pinecrest Home Listed for $4,900,000

The real estate sales continued to mount the week leading up to Art Week.  Even though Thanksgiving coincided with Chanukah this year, our sales for a normally quiet week were over $24,000,000, just for our Coral Gables office.  The highest residential sale was for the Pinecrest home pictured above.

We had a total of 18 residential sales, which includes single family and condo/town homes, one commercial sale, and 12 new listings.